My beautiful wife and I were discussing the other day how we do not recognize the world right now. In my experience as an Emergency Doctor for the last 20 years I have never seen anything like today and certainly it is challenging to wrap my mind around this new World.

Frankly, the Covid pandemic has indelibly shifted my thinking in every aspect of my career and life. Being worn out emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually has actually propelled me to seek out ways to adapt to this world my wife and I do not recognize. I’ve always marveled at advances in science, and most recently in particular, operation warp speed, monoclonal antibody, testing for viruses, and electrostatic disinfecting. This last science really got me thinking.

As a boy, I delighted in magic and would rub balloons on my head to stick to the wall and mystify the neighbors kids, (being unaware of the science of electrically charging the balloons with my head), this is what electrostatics does to every molecule of disinfection solution. The particles want to find and stick to surfaces and want to “stick” to all the surfaces evenly.

Dr Kasper’s Disinfecting was born out of balloons sticking to the wall and frankly being worn out from constant surveillance at work of touched surfaces, including my computer, shared work spaces, my call room, desk etc and not able to walk into my own house without an enormous burden of fear.

Gratefully I’m significantly relieved with electrostatics as the answer to disinfect these spaces. No more wiping up and spraying and worry about missing areas where Covid can hide. No more using dangerous chemicals, and no more gripping worry.

A relief and security has now swept over me……. disinfecting can happen seamlessly! This is why I’m motivated to bring this technology we use in the hospital and ER to you and your business and your family. My wife and I use it in our home, our cars, anytime we have guests, at work, my call room and our families homes. I’m very pleased to offer this Electrostatic science to help protect the most important asset…….you.

All Good Medicine,

Dr Kasper